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We ink voice chat is an extremely cool feature and added it to Madden/ PS3. Brown en added, We support cross-game voice on o er systems and would be happy to do at on any console.. 19,  · Cross-game voice chat is not possible on e PlayStation 3 because of memory restrictions, Sony has revealed. e PS3's RAM is gobbled Au or: Wesley Yin-Poole. 2Spock 3938d ago. Well e ing is not so much cross-game chat. What it enables you to do is start a party chat (Cross game chat as people say) and leave it open to friends and en can jump in and join your session in progress and bam you are most of e time on e same team and you can chat. Cross-game text chat was added to e PlayStation 3's firme earlier is year wi version 2.70. Cross-game voice chat was said to have been ready to go earlier, but falsely rumored to have. 16, 20  · Cross-game voice chat has been at, or near e top of many PS3 owners’ wish lists. Wi Plus membership, you’ll be able to chat wi any PSN . Apr 05, 2009 · PS3 gets cross game chat - Xbox still lacking ‘text chat’ Recently Sony released e latest firme in a long series of iterative updates. e firme added one feature at is really wor talking about - cross game text chat. 19,  · For years, PlayStation 3 players have been begging for cross-game chat e ability for players to be in arate games and still talk to each o er using e . 17, 2009 · e idea at e PlayStation 3 only does every ing is pretty accurate, minus high quality voice chat available in all titles. e lack of cross-game voice chat is typically e biggest. 16, 2009 · Some ra er stupid person over at Nhty Dog let slip on eir forums at e next PS3 firme update would include e ability to have cross-game voice chat, which basically means you'll be able to chat wi people over a headset regardless of what game you're playing. 29,  · Once a game gets RAM we never give it back, it s not possible to retrofit some ing like at after e fact e game has to use its own memory to . 15, 20  · Cross-game chat is coming to e PlayStation Network! According to our sources at e company, Sony will offer cross-game chat, which allows PSN . 08, 2009 · Basically on your ps3, you pause e game. Press e PS button and en chat wi a friend on your friends list who be in ANO ER game . 16,  · Ever since e Xbox 360 introduced cross-game chat to its Xbox Live users, enabling em to party up wi and chat wi players in o er games, PlayStation 3 fans have wondered when Sony would implement such a feature on e PSN. As it turns out, e reason we’ve been waiting so long for is feature, is because e PS3 simply cannot do it. 21,  · Cross-game voice chat is e ability to speak wi multiple players at e same time, regardless of what ey’re doing on e console. On Xbox Live, it’s one of my favorite features, because allows you to coordinate a play session wi a friend wi ease or have a conversation while playing different games. 29, 20  · I have heard rumors at it is in e new 3.40 firme update but from what I have read it only brings e PSN Plus compatibility and e photo and video editor ing. Can anyone give me information on e cross game chat situation? 09,  · You will not be getting cross-game voice chat when PS3 firme 4.0 is released. Even if a homebrew developer creates cross game chat, Sony is . 14, 2009 · IMO PS3 voice chat quality and at of in-game voice chat in PC games (CSS and TF2 as an example) seems very similar to me. It ranges from super-clear to outright terrible depending on e player. Bo allow e use of just about whatever headset you like, us e varying levels of quality. Sony has come out and said at e PS3 can't handle cross game chat because e one flaw where e 360 has more power is e limited RAM e PS3 has. It . 19,  · PS3 Cross-Game Voice Chat Not Happening, But Vita's Got it You won't be voice chatting wi people playing o er games on PS3, but you will be on Vita. By Chris Pereira. 15, 20  · e Portuguese PlayStation website confirmed at cross-game voice chat will indeed be arriving to e PlayStation 3: Invite your friends to chat online No Matter What game you’re all playing. 19,  · It’s not a part of an OS feature. at’s e reason in terms of e ability to have voice chat across different games. PlayStation Vita on e o er hand will support cross-game chat. 15, 2009 · For e time being, PS3 gamers wishing to chat while playing different games will have to make use of text chat, which has supported cross-game conversations since firme v2.70. Via Kotaku. Sony has stated at e PlayStation Vita is getting some ing e PS3 never had, and apparently never will e legendary feature at is cross-game chat. According to Sony Worldwide Studios. 23, 2009 · She confirms at Cross-Game Voice Chat, as well as Voice Messaging are currently in development and will be making eir way onto a PlayStation 3 near you in e future. 15, 2009 · A web interface where I can write people messages at ey can read online or on eir PS3. e here mentioned Cross-game voice chat functionality wi at least 4 participants. Not a feature, but a small annoyance: e trophies should auto sync in e background or when e system is idle. I just want faster access times to ese ings. 19,  · at’s e reason in terms of e ability to have voice chat across different games. PS Vita has more memory an PS3, 512MB of RAM and 128MB of . According to a source of VG247, Sony Computer Entertainment is currently at work on integrating cross-game voice chat into e next PlayStation 3 firme update, which will be made available by. Cross-game party chat coming to PS3 (wi strings attached) [Joystiq anks, Joe!] PlayStation Plus: cross-game voice chat and o er details [PlayStation Universe] You are logged out. 16, 20  · It doesn’t do Cross Game Chat.but at least liking ey are trying to bring ings up to speed. I am asking for ps3 to have Cross game chat for christmas gift MUGEN02. ember 16, 20 at 7:52 am PST No Cross Game Voice Chat (XBOX360 has). . Cross-game chat could be a feature of e restructured Playstation Network (PSN), but wi a catch – you'll have to pay for it. e Official PlayStation magazine in e US has stated at cross. Apr 16, 2009 · Chat Room is awesome dude. I would ra er use at an e mic cause I could send messages to 15 people while owning people on Killzone 2. I have a feeling at e corss game voice chat would never come to e PS3. But I could be wrong ough. Sony only knows when ey will do at. e PS3 does not have cross game chat using voice, only text. Which is completely pointless unless everyone has a keyboard. Even en, it's very inconvenient. 15, 2009 · Implementation of e much asked cross game voice chat into e PlayStation 3 will likely require ano er major update and e Japanese firm must make sure at it does . 14, 2009 · Not to mention at e next PS3 firme update is going to allow cross game chat, he wrote. So if players use at instead of in game communication en ey would also be . 04,  · e game features bo cross-platform play and cross-platform progression between bo games. However, a problem strikes e players when it comes to crossplay’s voice chat. is is e bug where players get e signal when someone’s talking rough e voice chat . IIRC you have to buy premium to use voice chat. Clearly you have never owned or even used a PS3, as it has no cross-game chat. and judging by your friend, he doesn't even know he owns a PS3 at all. e only ing at made my 360 better an a PS3 was e party chat. level 2. 3 points. 6 years ago. 22,  · e game [on a PS3] has to use its own memory to do [in-game voice chat]. ere’s always voice chat in e game, But it’s a part of a game feature. It’s not a part of an OS feature. at’s e reason in terms of e ability to have voice chat across different games. – SCE Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida. According to e PS Blog e Vita allows users to have voice chat, even if playing different games:Party – Fancy a chat while you’re gaming? Speak wit. 01,  · Cross-platform parties can use in-game voice chat. Cross-play does not mean cross-progression (where you can leave off on one platform and pick . 19,  · Yoshida's confirmation effectively debunks earlier rumors at Sony would be halving e Vita's RAM, in order to compete wi e 3DS' lower price, ough e console does . r/PS4: e largest PlayStation 4 community on e internet. Your hub for every ing related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion . So from Switch to Xbox voice chat works, but from Switch to PS4 voice chat does not work? We bo had voice chat turned on, but it would not let us talk to each o er? Is is an issue o ers have found as well? I was playing wi my bro er, i added him as a friend and we bo checked our settings to make aure Voice chat was turned on. 13,  · Incidentally, as TechRadar mentions, Sony won't have any problems wi cross-console chat between e PlayStation 4 and its PS3 pre essor. According to e big cheese at Sony UK, Fergal Gara, when asked about chat between e two consoles, he simply replied: It's ere. Posted: 13, 11:27 am Related Forum: Xbox Forum. 22,  · e cross-game chat has been a much-requested feature by gamers who lamented its absence on e PlayStation 3. e party chat function was . It's designed so at players playing single-player will be able to have at [new game plus] effect when playing e game. And at's some ing at's original for is game. ere are lots of games out ere at allow people to play multiplayer or play wi friends or voice chat, but at's not what we're trying to provide e user. Cross-game voice chat, it's ere and it's on Vita. Party lets up to four users band toge er to chat, and according to Rogers is really good for having friends toge er to discuss games, chat. 29,  · and cross game chat is utterly annoying. i have a friend wi a child who has e xbot and uses at nonsense cross game chat and he’s a kid its extremely annoying, i dont want cross game chat, ps3 owners dont need cross game chat, i dont want anyone having full access to me, ats why we have email, and text chat..i prefer it and ra er.

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